Titanis Released on Steam

By Michael Signorella on June 8th 2015

After a successful greenlight campaign, Titanis goes live on Steam today! Check it out on the Steam store and join the discussion in the forums.
With the Steam release we added achievements to the game which is something we have been excited about doing since its inception. We had a little fun with the achievement names, lets just say there is something familiar about them...

Titanis Released!!!!!

By Michael Signorella on February 5th 2015

After many years of hard work, Silver Goblet Games is proud to announce the release of our first game, Titanis!

Head over to the game page to check it out!

Titanis Update: Cave Gameplay

By Michael Signorella on February 5th 2015

Check out some gameplay footage from our new cave levels! In this video the protagonist Bash fights his way through hordes of cave dwelling enemies. These creatures are specific to the caves and much tougher than any enemies Bash has fought before.

You can also see some of the new skills we have been working hard on. One of my favorite new skills is the boomerang. This skill throws a deadly blade that flies in an arc. Catch the boomerang on the way back and it will reset the skill cooldown.

George Behind the Scenes

By George on November 6th 2014

Hey guys, George here (perfectpencil) and I wanted to share something fun with you. I made this painting in my spare time and decided to take the time to timelapse the project from start to finish. Fun way to see what I see everyday...just faster!

Titanis Update: Caves

By Michael Signorella on September 28th 2014

Take your first look at the newest zone in the game, an underground cavern! This zone features a whole new set of deadly enemies to vanquish. The cave levels are a perfect showcase for the dynamic lighting and shadows we built in to the game. You will use your characters flashlight to navigate dimly lit hallways and passages as well as flip switches to activate overhead lamps.

As you explore the caves you will discover some ancient ruins that were built thousands of years ago. Who built them, and what mysteries do they hold? You will just have to wait and find out!


Titanis Update v0.7.1

By Michael Signorella on July 18th 2014

Latest gameplay video from our up and coming action RPG called Titanis. In this update you will see the new main character art in action for the first time, as well as all new enemy art and skills.

Titanis Update: Level Editor

By Michael Signorella on July 17th 2014

Shipping with the release of Titanis will be the full version of our level editor. The same editor we are using to create all of the levels, events, and enemies in the game will be at your fingertips! Flex your creative talent by creating your own levels to explore with your friends. You will also be able to create new pvp maps and modes with the level editor and its scripting engine.


  • Terrain Editor
  • Monster Editor
  • Scripting Engine
  • Lighting Controls
  • Effects Designer

Level Editor

Titanis Update v0.5.2

By Michael Signorella on July 16th 2014

In this update the in-game town known as Titanis gets a facelift with new assets. Titanis is the home to a few of the games characters. Brice runs a weapons and armor shop, Dr. Tam runs a medical facility, and there is a mysterious old man who does whatever mysterious old men do...

Be on the lookout for next weeks update, where we will showcase some new skills and items.

Town Update